Smile Design

Aesthetic dentistry

In recent years, smile design has become a frequently performed treatment method in our clinic, which provides individuals with a personalized, natural, and aesthetic smile. Smile design is also known as the “Hollywood smile.”

Through smile design, the color, shape, and position of the teeth can be altered. Irregularities in the dental arch, gum problems, improper tooth shape, missing teeth, and cracked or chipped teeth are just a few of the conditions that make someone a candidate for smile design. Smile design can be achieved through applications such as laminate veneers, full ceramic porcelain, porcelain with zirconia substructure, E-max porcelain, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, reshaping of the gum line (gum pigmentation treatment and gingivoplasty), reshaping of lip contours, and dental implant treatments. Smile design procedures are performed by our expert dentists at Dent Akgül Oral and Dental Health Clinic.

At our clinic, smile design can also be performed digitally. Using intraoral scanners, simulations of the before and after stages can be shown to the patient in advance. Additionally, the teeth in the patient’s smile photographs are digitally adjusted using various software programs, allowing the patient to see the expected outcome of the treatment before it begins. This digital stage of smile design is crucial.

Once the treatment phase begins, the patient’s teeth are prepared, and temporary prosthetics are applied. In the final appointment, the patient’s permanent prosthetics are bonded, and the smile design is completed. The key point here is the ability to see the final result of the treatment before it even starts. We are delighted to be able to provide you with the highest level of technology at Dent Akgül Oral and Dental Health Clinic.

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