Digital Dentistry

In our clinic, digital technologies are utilized in every field of dentistry.

With the Itero Scanner (intraoral scanner), you can see how your teeth will look after dental treatments within minutes. In orthodontics, it is necessary to obtain dental and jaw records for diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital panoramic and cephalometric radiography can be used to examine jaw structures, while intraoral 3D digital cameras can capture measurement records. There are also advanced orthodontic treatment options that utilize high technology. Invisalign and Incognito treatment systems, which are completely designed and produced digitally, are implemented in our clinic.

Digital scanners have elevated dental treatments to a higher level. The scanning process takes only a few minutes. The process of taking measurements minimizes transfer errors, providing the patient with a more comfortable dental treatment experience. The ability to detect tooth color minimizes errors during color determination. Advantages of reduced appointment numbers, more accurate treatment planning, and maximum technological capabilities are among the benefits of dental treatment.

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